Yannick Morizur
Massothérapeute agréé

Yannick Morizur, massage Therapist



My name is Yannick Morizur, graduated massage therapist and my cabinet is located in the heart of Geneva ( Plainpalais ).


Nowadays, as you know it is  so important to slow down  and have a break  in our  busy life.


We have to unplug to reconnect to ourselves , as the effects of chronic stress are very harmful for the health ( heart problems, memory loss..).

Many people in Geneva have massage once a week as a healthy lifestyle .


It is a good choice as prevention of disease related with stress and to find the calm in the chaos.


Massage  has a lot of  scientifically proven benefits but one very interesting is to  help us in specific cases to reduce even to stop to take  medecines ( chronic pain, insomnia…).


Whatever is the reason you will come to see me, relaxation or specific pain, i will adapt it for relaxing or a specific therapeutic treatment.

The cabinet is very accessible by tram or bus,  surrounded with parking places, please check out the details in the  infos pratique tab.


Your massage might  be refunded by your health insurance, as i am an Asca  authorised practitioner.


Please check out if  your insurance  is in this  list , should  you have any doubt please call your insurance.

I am looking forward to see you soon !

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